Mobile General Waste Collections

The Parish Council are sad to announce that MSDC have ceased provision of Mobile Waste collections with immediate effect.

Collections will no longer take place in Cuckfield.

MSDC have elected to cease the provision of the mobile waste collection services with immediate effect.

MSDC Cease Provision of Mobile Waste Collection Services

As you may be aware, each year Mid Sussex District Council reviews the provision of discretionary waste services and the charges applied to them. 

This review, coupled with the guidance from Government on social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic continues, has led to the recommendation that we cease provision of Mobile Civic Amenity Sites with immediate effect. This recommendation was accepted by our elected members. 

The decision to cease provision of this service is supported by the following information:

  • Mobile Civic Amenity collections do not allow for waste to be kept separate and recycled or reused; therefore, not meeting the objectives of the waste hierarchy which was incorporated into UK law via the Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2012. 
  • The waste collected at the Mobile Civic Amenity Site can be removed from households using other services; including our bulky waste service and our garden waste collection service. 
  • There are two Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) within Mid Sussex, where residents can also dispose of any additional waste items. Enforcing social distancing measures at temporary sites is difficult and we need to ensure the services we provide can be controlled to support Government guidance. This is not possible with the Mobile Civic Amenity Sites.  

We will be happy to support you with communications to advise residents of the alternative services that we provide; but in the first instance the links below provide more information on the additional services available for residents to dispose of their waste:

Bulky waste service:

Garden waste service:

Household Waste Recycling Sites:

Garden Waste:

Update: From 1 April 2015, residents will be able to recycle more household plastic containers via their kerbside recycling collections.

As well as plastic bottles, the following will also be collected:

  • Plastic pots (such as yoghurt or cream pots)
  • Plastic tubs (such as margarine, ice cream or laundry tubs)
  • Plastic food trays (such as ready meals trays/fruit punnets)
  • Plastic container lids (such as those used for coffee jars)

Recycling Plastics

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