The Parish Council is formed of ten locally elected residents (non-political) who give their time voluntarily to ensure we can run a Parish Council, and the Committees which enact our statutory responsibilities, as the first tier of local government.

Our primary focus is to serve the interests of the Cuckfield area and Community. The Parish Council is part of a hierarchy of government and is tiered as below. I mention this for clarity to show who has responsibility and how decisions are made. Where the Parish Council is not a decision maker it acts as a consultee to represent the community in key decisions. 

  • Central Government defines national policies and statutory law, which are cascaded down to the County Council, District Council and lastly the Parish Council. Sir Nicholas Soames is the MP for the Mid Sussex. 
  • West Sussex County Council is responsible for services such as Education, Highways, Social and Healthcare services. Your current elected representative is Peter Bradbury
  • Mid Sussex District Council, with whom we work closely, along with the three Town Councils and Parish Councils form the rest of the Mid Sussex District. They are responsible for planning decisions, housing provision and local amenities such as parks and recreation. Cllr Robert Salisbury and Cllr Peter Bradbury are the elected ward councillors representing Cuckfield in Mid Sussex. 
  • In 2021-22 the Parish Council has committees for Assets, Community & Environment, Human Resources, Finance & General Purposes, Planning and Roads & Traffic.