Winter Plan 2016-2017

In preparation for any bad weather which may be experienced over the winter months, the Council have prepared the following information to help you.

Cuckfield Winter Management Plan

This document contains key information relating to the support available within Cuckfield in case of bad weather. Included are:

- Key Contacts

- Sites of Salt Bins/Bulk Bags

- Problem Areas of Focus

- Gritting Routes 

Cuckfield Winter Management Plan

Calling Winter Volunteers

The Council is always seeking volunteers who are at the ready to help clear snow and ice from the pavements. If you are able to help this year or know of anyone who would be interested in joining the scheme, please contact the Parish Office for further information:

Tel: 01444 451610
Email: Parish Clerk

Alternatively, if you own a 4x4 vehicle and would be prepared to help if needed, perhaps taking an elderly person to hospital, please contact the Parish Office with your details so we can add you to our list of people to contact in an emergency.