Traffic Proposals - June 2013

At long last, progress is being made with the traffic schemes in Cuckfield. Last year, the pedestrian crossing in London Lane was erected and we now have plans for two zebra crossings in Ardingly Road and a revised scheme for Whitemans Green. We hope that work will start during this financial year on these schemes to be followed by the crossing point in London Road and the improvements along Broad Street, as well as improvements to the roundabout at Whitemans Green. There are also plans for two build-outs in London Lane to further reduce speeds. Plans to improve the pedestrian environment in the High Street are for the longer term. Please contact Parish Councillors or the Clerk if you would like to comment on the proposals or would like to receive further information. Links to these are shown below:

Proposals for Ardingly Road: 101-02-15

Proposals for Whitemans Green: 101-02-04

Proposals for London Road: 21/01/2014 

Improvements to mini-roundabout at Whitemans Green 101-02-03 WG 3

Parking & Bus Stop improvements in Broad Street 101-01-05 BR1

Cycle Lane improvements in Broad Street (1) 101-02-06

Cycle Lane improvements in Broad Street (2) 101-02-07