Speed Indicator Device

Cuckfield Parish Council is pleased to introduce a new piece of equipment into the village as part of our traffic calming measures. We have recently purchased a portable Speed Indicator Device (SID), which will be located throughout the village and moved around on a regular basis to record traffic speeds. By capturing statistics relating to the speed of cars travelling through the village, we will be able to highlight specific areas which may need further traffic calming measures introduced.

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory has shown that in 30mph areas SID is effective at reducing the speed of traffic at the point of installation and for up to 200 metres downstream of the sign, and shows that the proportion of drivers exceeding the speed limit was significantly reduced. A recent trial of SID in London Lane recorded an average speed of 37mph and 68.25% of vehicles recorded violated the speed limit. This information will be used as evidence to show that traffic calming measures are needed in London Lane.