Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan

was 'Made' on 1 October 2014

The Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan was the first Plan to be adopted in Mid Sussex and now forms part of the Development Plan. 

To access the current Neighbourhood Plan, please visit:

MSDC Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan


Previous information on Proceeding to Referendum

Cuckfield Parish Council and the appointed Neighbourhood Plan team are pleased to announce that following examination by an independently appointed Examiner, the Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan can now proceed to a public referendum. Neighbourhood planning allows local people under the Government’s Localism Bill 2011 to develop a statutory plan which will help determine the future of the Cuckfield Plan area and will be used in assessing planning applications in the area over the next 20 years.

If there are more than 50% of the votes cast in favour, it then becomes part of the Development Plan for the area and a statutory consideration in determining planning applications.

We are expecting the date for the referendum to be Thursday 24th July 2014 and this will be confirmed shortly. There will be additional communication and information once the referendum is announced.

The key themes and policies for the Plan aim to:-

  • Identify sites which will bring forward new market housing and affordable homes.
  • Ensure Cuckfield retains its distinctive character and setting between the High Weald AONB, South Downs and neighbouring settlements.
  • Protect the village centres of Cuckfield and Whitemans Green.
  • Provide identified infrastructure and allow expansion for both schools, whilst taking into account the environment and ecology.
  • Ensure the health and well-being of residents and seek to allocate and protect open space, community buildings and essential services

The Neighbourhood Plan and Evidence

A copy of the Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan Submission document is available below, together with the evidence documents that are a part of this process.

Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan: Submission Plan

Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan: Proposed Submission Plan Pre Examination 

Cuckfield Neighbourhood Plan Basic Condition Statement

Examiner Report

Summary of Representations

Decision Statement 


1.  Community Engagement Action Plan

2. Options Consultation Feedback

2.1. Statement of Consultation

3.  Sustainability Appraisal

    Draft Sustainability Assessment Report

3.1 SA Non-Technical Summary 

4.  Cuckfield Village Design Statement

5. Cuckfield Open Space Assessment

6. Cuckfield Landscape Character Assessment

7. Cuckfield Views Assessment

8. Cuckfield Biodiversity Assessment

9. Cuckfield Housing Need Survey

10. Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment

10.1. Parish Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology

11. Cuckfield Village Centre Background Document

12. Whitemans Green Neighbourhood Centre Background Document

13. Cuckfield Infrastructure Assessment

14. MSDC Cuckfield Conservation Area Appraisal       Cuckfield_Conservation_Area_Appraisal_2006_FINAL

15. Whitemans Green Conservation Area Parish Council Review

16. MSDC Whitemans Green Conservation Appraisal

17. Cuckfield and Haywards Heath Distinctiveness

18. Built Up Area Boundary Assessment

19. Habitats Regulations Assessment