Council Information

Cuckfield Sign PostCuckfield Parish Council is a small local authority with ten councillors elected for four years. The last elections were held in May 2015 but by-elections may be held to fill vacancies occuring between elections. Each year the Council raises a 'precept' on council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses.The Parish Council has more formal powers to do things than are often imagined.

In Cuckfield the Council:

  • Owns and manages the Queen's Hall and Cuckfield Village Hall, looking after all bookings.
  • Owns and manages the Burial Ground and allotment gardens.
  • Provides and maintains the village clock and many benches, bus shelters and litter bins, as well as a number of the street lights down the footpaths. The Parish Council is also responsible for the public toilets in the Broad Street Car Park and the skatepark at Whitemans Green.
  • Comments on all planning applications in the parish - Mid Sussex District Council then makes the final decision, taking into account our views.
  • Provides extra maintenance around the village including the upkeep of the twittens, the hanging basket displays and the roundabouts.
  • Liaises with West Sussex County Council regarding traffic problems. At present the Parish Council is working with the County Council on a variety of plans to improve road safety in the village.
  • Is working with the Neighbourhood Plan Group to provide a comprehensive plan for the future of Cuckfield over the next twenty years.